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Beyond the Paranormal: Chapter 2: A Turn for the Worse(pt 2): Fantasy Story
Posted by The Purple Power, Mar 8, 2008. 1584 views. ID = 810

Beyond the Paranormal: Chapter 2: A Turn for the Worse(pt 2)

Posted by The Purple Power, Mar 8, 2008. 1584 views. ID = 810
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this seems kinda stupid when i reread it now it is...
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This post is Part 4 of a writing series titled Beyond the Paranormal.

“Don’t just stand there, get him!” Shrieked Zach. The others quickly obeyed and ran out the door. They approached the city where Luke stood in anticipation of their arrival.

Mike was the first to strike; he picked up a massive boulder out of a heap and hurled it at Luke.

"Spirit Strength," Luke cried, and seconds before the boulder was to crush him he caught as though it were a rubber ball. Then using his strength he tossed it right back at Mike. Mike turned, not having expected Luke to be as strong as he had demonstrated, and was nailed by the very boulder he'd thrown at Luke.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Fred drilled Luke with a flamed uppercut. 'The Purple Power' recovered quickly and, searching deep inside himself once more, he cried:

"Vorpal Bomb!" He held out his hand and his hand and in it a minute vortex appeared. It began draining energy from everything in front of him, including Nicolæ. After a few moments the vortex dissipated and a laser shot out of his palm and into Ryan, leaving a total of three of the now villains unconscious.

Once Luke awakened from his spirit trance he found himself being whirled around and around, his leg in the clutches of Fred, 'The Fireball.' Before he could react he was being thrown into a nearby building of Deckam City. Just as he was to become part of an office building he flipped around and used the force of the throw to rocket off the building without harming it.

"I can fly!" Exclaimed Luke, surprised at how many powers he'd used in one day. He continued flying straight into 'Transforming Ted' at which point he could stop and look for Fred.

Where was he, Luke thought, he wouldn't run away from a fight. Luke knew not to get his hopes up. He looked up just in time to see Fred pound his face in. Luke fell to the ground and after feeling powerless for a moment; he leapt hovering a few inches above the ground. Fred drifted down to the ground and called out a challenge to the young hero:

"What's the matter wimp can't hit what can't see!” Suddenly, he vanished...he didn't go anywhere he was simply invisible. Luke didn't know what to do he'd never fought an invisible enemy before. Come to think of it, he'd never fought anything before. However, he did know that his power derived from his focus. So he did what he knew worked: he placed his fingers on his temples and focused. Suddenly, another boulder lifted off the ground and no one was holding it! Luke, immediately assuming that it was Fred, removed his hands from his temples and prepared to fight; but oddly, doing this caused the boulder to fall to the ground. It was then that he realized that he had moved it; he was telekinetic!

Fred laid a good blow to the side of Luke's face. Luke got up as quick as he could and used his telekinetic power to throw the boulder at Fred, or at least where he thought Fred was. Luke heard a smacking sound. He had aimed accurately and Fred was down for the count.

"Finally, I can rest." Sighed a relieved Luke.

"Think again..." came a voice from the shadows " can't rest, not when Zach's after you."

"Who are you?" Luke asked cautiously, "and how do you know about my affiliation with Zach?"

"Relax boy, I'm not your enemy, although I do know quite a bit about you." The man stepped into full view, although there wasn't much to see, he was a man in a cape with a technologically advanced staff. There were slightly indented rings running through the larger cylinders on both ends of the staff. He was clothed in robes and armor; his face was covered so only his eyes could be seen. He also had a set of robotic gloves and some lightweight titanium boots.

"I am the Spirit Seeker of the past." Said the man a dark glare in his eye. It reminded Luke of Zach. He questioned the man slyly:

“How do you know of Zach?” Luke questioned with a glare of his own.

“Zach is my nemesis,” proclaimed the ‘Spirit Seeker,’ “and I have been searching for a spirit-human to challenge Zach, but he is too strong and everyone I’ve sent failed. No one could even get to his chamber to fight him. It would seem as though I have failed.” At this time Luke was intrigued, he thought that he might learn how to fight from this man. Once he had acquired the skills needed to defeat Zach he would betray this ‘Spirit Seeker’ and keep all the power for himself. It sounded good but he would have to find out how tough this guy was, and he knew just how to do it…

“Follow me,” ordered the ‘Spirit Seeker,’ “I’ll show you the way to my lair, you’ll find suitable training tools there the technology of them having far exceeded that of Zach’s cave men tools. By the way my name is Kais.” He started to walk away.

“Just a minute,” Luke started, Kais froze, “I won’t go with you until I get the chance to fight you.” By now Kais was shaking, he couldn’t reveal his real identity now, it was far too early. He thought about a means of escaping the fight and, after a brief moment of silence replied:

“I’ll fight you, but I won’t let you live if I win.” He turned to face Luke and his staff made a whirring sound, as though it were charging a laser. Then, one of the larger cylinders on the staff pulled apart into three pieces, each one with a sharp point at the tip. The tips channeled electricity through them and formed a condensed ball of electricity held in place by the three pieces of the cylinder. He did this within a matter of seconds, Luke just stood petrified at what he’d just seen while trying to hide his fear.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
This post is Part 4 of a writing series titled Beyond the Paranormal. The next part of this series can be found here: Beyond the Paranormal: Chapter 2: A Turn for the Worse(pt 3).

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