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Please Remember Me: This is actually a song based on what we refer to as "The Last Supper".
Posted by lostcerebellum, Mar 7, 2008. 1653 views. ID = 807

Please Remember Me

Posted by lostcerebellum, Mar 7, 2008. 1653 views. ID = 807
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I considered naming this “The Last Supper”, because it is based on the accounts given in the New Testament of the last Passover that Jesus ate with his disciples, (along with a few verses from Isaiah 52 & 53, I Corinthians 11, and Hebrews chapter 12).

We make a big deal about Peter's denial, but Jesus said in Mark 14, “You will ALL fall away.” Peter said, “Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you”, and we all know what happened next. Nobody ever seems to notice the rest of the verse in Mark 14:31 where, “All the others said the same”. I guess the rest didn’t disown Jesus the way Peter did. They probably put enough miles between them that they didn’t have to worry about getting asked any questions.

The reason I finally decided on this title is found in John 13:1,“He now showed then the full extent of his love.” Jesus knew that, on that very night, every last one of his closest friends would forsake him, disown him, and deny that they even knew who he was, yet he still kept on loving them. He still was willing to die for them. And his main concern was that they wouldn’t forget him after he was gone. They were his friends here on the earth, and he had to physically leave
them, but he still loved them with all his heart, so he asked them, “Every time you do this (Passover Meal), remember me.”

It’s that absolute love that so impressed me as I was thinking about this.
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Take this bread, it’s my body, where your sins are concealed.
I’ll be crushed, pierced, and broken, as God’s wrath is revealed.
I know you all will forsake me, as my body I yield.
Still I’ll do this for you, for my love is so true,
And by my stripes you’ll be healed.

Drink this cup, it’s my life’s blood, I pour out on the cross.
Like no other man ever, I will suffer such loss.
But for this I am willing, that you might not be lost.
As I die on the tree, I ask that you think of me
And remember the cost.

Do you know how I love you, to be dying this way?
For the joy set before me, I will suffer today.
How I long to be with you, but for your sakes I can’t stay.
Oh, but this is my plea, that you won’t forget me
After I’m gone away.

This is my blood. This is my body.
I give them for you.
Please remember me.

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This post has been awarded 27 stars by 7 readers.
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