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Beyond the Paranormal: Chapter 2: A Turn for the Worse(pt 1): Fantasy Story
Posted by The Purple Power, Mar 6, 2008. 1535 views. ID = 804

Beyond the Paranormal: Chapter 2: A Turn for the Worse(pt 1)

Posted by The Purple Power, Mar 6, 2008. 1535 views. ID = 804
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This post is Part 3 of a writing series titled Beyond the Paranormal.

Luke shot awake. What had just happened? What did it all mean? And what time was it? 4:57! He was going to be late! He ran for the door but strangely there wasn't one, so he ran to the tele-tube. He punched in, on the control panel, the location of the only room he knew of: the main entrance. He wasn't sure where the training room was but he figured it wouldn't take long with his newly acquired 'Spirit Speed.'

He made it there about a minute early. He heard Zach in a back room talking to...this was sounded like Energico! But that was impossible; he had been delivered to the 'Hero Base in Space.' Just then Fred and Mike walked in quibbling over who was stronger.

"I'm telling you there's more to my power than fire." Proclaimed Fred.

"Oh yeah, why would Zach invite me here if there was someone stronger here," Mike paused to let it sink in, "it's the whole reason I'm here!"

Zach ended his conversation with what Luke thought was Energico, and walked into the room...

"Good morning everyone!" Exclaimed Zach.

The Heroes gave a murmured reply. Zach proceeded to show the group how to use the technology in the training room. After his tour he let the heroes freely train. Luke seemed genuinely interested in the combat simulator. At 5:45 a tone sounded, and the heroes were prompted to go to another room. In this room there were a large number of computers and some scanners attached to the computers - although they didn't scan pictures in, it was more like a mind probe. These computers, using the mind probes, scanned the heroes’ minds gathering information on their favorite designs, color schemes, and logos. It used this data to create a full-body suit for the hero. Luke's was all black with purple gloves, belt, boots, and a circular logo on his chest. He slipped into it and a logo appeared in the purple circle. The logo was two P's diagonal to each other.

"The Purple Power!" He whispered to himself. No, he thought, his dream couldn't be coming true. He looked up and saw the other heroes in their outfits, and then he was positive that his dream was coming true.

Later, at lunch, he showed the arm bracelet to Ryan.

"Ryan," he started, "I need you to build an injector on this that can drain the energy from this tiny glass chamber and transfer it into an object. Can you do it?" An out of breath Luke handed Ryan the half-working arm bracelet.

"Sure, just let me finish my lunch," Ryan replied coolly.

"No it can't wait!" Luke said sternly. "Look I need it done now!"

"All right, I'll need a three-pronged needle," Ryan replied unshaken by Luke's outburst, "you know like on an extension cord..."

Minutes later Ryan was done with the bracelet and the two were on their way to power class. Luke slipped the arm bracelet into the pocket of his jeans.

"What do you think this class is about anyway?" Luke asked Ryan.
"I don't know...wait! Zach said something about giving us powers, not sure how though."

Once they arrived there they noticed some antique armor sets dating back to the 1500's. In the back, next to Zach, there was a machine that boasted the name "The Enhancer."

"Now students I suppose it is time I give you the powers you'll be trained to use." Zach said with a gleam in his eye, looking closely Luke swore he could see some form of evil lurking within Zach. "Now step into 'The Enhancer' and unleash your true power!"

Luke’s thoughts raced, he knew the arm bracelet was how Zach would give the others their spirit powers. He would have to either run away or make a stand here. He looked up, it was his turn everyone else was done - man that machine was quick - he would have to stand and fight!

"Power up!" He shouted. As he said it, purple energy encompassed him and it exploded out of him in a flash of light. Once lights stopped flashing he found himself in his hero suit. It shone with elegance that flooded the room. He felt stronger now, as though his spirit was now on the outside and his human self was within himself.

"I won't set foot in that machine." Declared Luke with a newfound boldness. The other heroes powered up in similar flashes of light and different colored forms of energy. Once they were done they found themselves in the hero suits Zach had given them.

"Awesome suits Zach," said Nicolæ with a child-like naivety. That was all Luke could take, three of the quotes from his dream had been said. He charged at Fred and nailed him in the jaw with a swift uppercut, leaving the other 'heroes' stunned and clueless. Zach grabbed some handcuffs from one of his pockets and smacked them on Luke. Luke fell into another spirit trance and cried out:

"Spirit Sifter!" At that moment Luke turned intangible and the cuffs fell through his hands he rocketed through the wall and out of the building heading straight for his hometown: Deckam City.

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.
This post is Part 3 of a writing series titled Beyond the Paranormal. The next part of this series can be found here: Beyond the Paranormal: Chapter 2: A Turn for the Worse(pt 2).

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