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Poetry Month: Loving in pain: This is about being haunted by a memory, losing a person physically, how holding on to the pain is worth never forgetting them
Posted by D'Angel13, Apr 22, 2017. 230 views. ID = 7261

Poetry Month: Loving in pain

Posted by D'Angel13, Apr 22, 2017. 230 views. ID = 7261
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This is the first poem I have written in years, the first poem i have ever posted on a site like this, I have never done this before on any other site either.

Love is like glass; smooth, undeniable transparency, a brilliant illusion from its true identity...Yesterday love was what my eyes had me believe, today i can only be certain that love is the greatest mystery...Youthful hearts grow old without love in them, Old hearts still beat from another loving them...Memories, remembrance of love, filled with passion, or emptiness still lingers on, a picture from the past still stinging from the hurt, blood stained emotions, heaviness never ending remembrance of love past...To Love is like tiny shards of glass piercing my heart, to forget you isn't an option, love isn't love without you so I'm left with loving the pain from our past...Loving painfully is still love to me because that pain is all I have left of you...Let me never give up the last little part of you...

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