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Blizzard!: a college blizzard
Posted by Blackavar, Feb 26, 2017. 419 views. ID = 7249


Posted by Blackavar, Feb 26, 2017. 419 views. ID = 7249
This post was written in 29 minutes.
True story, my first southern blizzard.

"It's a blizzard!" Sophia screamed waking me up before the alarm blinked 8am.
"Really?" I asked head mussy with sleep. "I was cold last night but I didn't think it would snow much."
"They closed the school." Sophia grinned, "No classes and they closed down the dining hall. They didn't want the workers driving in this weather."
I sat up in bed stretching as I thought about it. No school was nice, another day to finish assignments due today. They were all done but I might do them a little better. "Wait." I glanced over at Sophia as she skimmed out of her nightgown and into jeans and a heavy sweater. "Why are we up early if there are no classes?"
"So we can play in the snow!" she jumped up and grabbed her coat off the top of the pile of dirty clothes. "I haven't played in the snow in a few years."
"Ah," I yawned and laid back on the bed. "Have fun." I was from New York, snow was common and blizzard meant digging out the truck, shoveling the driveway and all that hassle.
"Come on!" my boot landed on the foot of my bed. "Get dressed, I want to make a snowman."
"Go on ahead."
I felt a tugging, my blanket was slipping, I grabbed the blanket. It kept going. "Come on!" she whined. I held out, holding the blanket and the heat within. She pulled. My body moved with the blanket, slipping, slipping, off the bed...
"Ow..." my whine not quite matching the pitch of hers. "Ok."
I slid out of the blanket and set back down on the bed. grabbing old jeans and yesturdays shirt and sweatshirt. No sense in getting clean ones soaking wet. Searching for my boots I slipped them on before stepping into my coat.
"We could have waited until later."
"It might melt."
I groaned, a blizzard doesn't melt so quickly but I wasn't home where snow was common. I was in the south. We stepped out into the sunshine, flakes floated around us like feathers. Looking down I saw a dusting in the grass.
"A dusting?" I looked around. the world had changed, white coated the ground, the grasss and the lazy dogwood trees. "This is it?"
"This is amazing!" Sophia was on her knees grasping handfuls of snow packing them together.
"I thought you said a blizzard?"
"It is a blizzard, everything from SC to DC is closed down."
"Wow." I was shocked, there wasn't enough snow here for me to run wipers."
"Yeah I know isn't it amazing?"
I smiled at her, "Amazing," I agreed, amazing how different people see the same thing.

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