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The Day of Love : A cute little story about siblings love
Posted by Yummytreats, Feb 16, 2017. 612 views. ID = 7244

The Day of Love

Posted by Yummytreats, Feb 16, 2017. 612 views. ID = 7244
This post was written in 109 minutes.
I was reading a story about angels and this idea just came to mind. I hope you guys enjoy it.

"Alright just breath and think of your wings expanding."

Jason gave a wide smile fist punching the air when his feet slowly rose from the ground as his white wings fluttered. He took a deep breath calming himself as he let the strong gust of wind guide his wings higher up. He tried to put all his attention on going higher. He ignored his brown hair blowing on his face. Toned out the sounds of the waves going in and out. Everything was put in the back of his mind as it cleared.

"Come on you can do it just a bit higher and -"

" Jason!" a voice shrieked in the distance

His wings instantly formed into a cocoon. Jason gave a small shout before his face met the unforgiving sand. He looked up towards the clear sky eyebrows scrunched up in pain as he touched the back of his head with a small wince. His view was blocked when a pink haired girl with blue eyes smiled down on him giving a small wave.

" Jason, today is your birthday remember!" she said.

Jason's brown eyes narrowed lips forming into a thin line. He stood up dusting off his white robe before walking towards the direction of the grand castle that loomed over him even 20 miles away. He watched in the corner of his eyes as the girl ran after him.

"Wait but Jason"


"I just"

" No Valen leave me alone." he said slapping the hand that was about to grab his hands.

Jason rolled his eyes when Valen looked at her hands before staring at Jason eyes lips starting to tremble. He stopped walking when her eyes began to water. Taking her hand he ran soothing circles on it before picking her up continuing his walk. Valen giggled giving him a loud wet kiss on the cheeks.

" Happy birthday brother" she said smiling at him hand wrapped around his neck.

Jason's nose scrunched up. He wiped the saliva off his cheeks with his hands before frowning towards his Sister. " You know I don't like to be reminded of my age Valen plus your not suppose to distract my wing training."

Valen's started fiddling with her hands eyes not meeting her brothers " I wanted to give you a present" she mumbled.

Jason raised an eyebrow and hoisted Valen up when she started to slide down his hips. He lifted Valen's chin looking into her blue eyes. " What is a present?" he asked.

Valen's pale face colored. "Well it's what humans call a object that they give to someone else on the day father created them."she said her hands going inside her robe. She took out a small box that had From Valen written on it. She clutched it towards her chest with shaky hands.

Jason put her down looking at the box being hidden by tiny hands. Jason bend down to the same level as Valen giving her a soft smile. He reached out towards the box laughing when she turned her body away from him.

"I thought the box was for me?"

" It is"

"Then give it to me"

"I don't want to anymore" she stuttered.

Jason gave a small chuckle shaking his head towards his little sister. He knew that she was just scared of his reaction towards the present so his feeling were in no way hurt by her actions. Jason ruffled her hair from behind. " Valen I promise whatever you give me I will cherish it." he said waiting for her to turn around.

Valen turned around eyes downcast. She put her hand out waiting for Jason to take the present. Jason took the box from her hands opening it up. Inside was a gold bracelet that had words engraved on it.

" Valen's time is best used with brother" He said grinning.

" It's stupid I know" she said

Jason shook his head picking Valen up to twirl her around. " My time is best spend with you as well my dear sister after all I love you most in the world" he said hugging her.

" I love you the most as well brother"

" Your time truly is the best present Valen." he said an idea coming to mind. " You know what from now on instead of today simply being my birthday I shall make it Valen's day where we spend the whole day in each others company"

Valen jumped up into the air her small wings fluttering making her feet go an inch from the ground " Lets call it Valentine!" she yelled pouncing on her brother laughing when they both fell onto the sand. Jason nodded his head in agreement.

" Valentine it is"

Every year after that the two siblings celebrated Valentines day and then words spread all across heaven down to the earth about a day that is dedicated to the one you love the most.


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