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grab bag : two
Posted by alilee, Nov 9, 2016. 522 views. ID = 7207

grab bag

Posted by alilee, Nov 9, 2016. 522 views. ID = 7207
This post was written in 18 minutes.
This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: geek, because of, observation, high school, mentality, optometrist, resistance, mobilize, suffocating, disagreeable

I wasn't a geek, not really but because of the high school mentality of being disagreeable to anyone who was "different", I was labelled as one. I had regular visits to the optometrist and wore heavy dark framed glasses. Sometimes I felt as if I was suffocating in this environment. My only option was to mount a resistance of sorts, to mobilize my fellow "geeks" into a group of supporters who would fling witty one liners at anyone targeting any member of our group, a built in support group, a lifeline to survive our high school years. Observation of the weaknesses of our tormentors, a vital tool in ensuring our survival.

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