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Grab bag: A long time since I tried a grab bag challenge.
Posted by alilee, Nov 3, 2016. 506 views. ID = 7198

Grab bag

Posted by alilee, Nov 3, 2016. 506 views. ID = 7198
This post was written in 24 minutes.
This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: appallingly, hearse, shot, mailbox, illegible, Korean, chaotic, stature, homesick, uptake

The hearse drove by our mailbox at what seemed to me to be an appallingly slow pace.I did not know the deceased or I may have had more patience. My chaotic lifestyle had led to me being stuck in this nondescript safe house for the past month unable to go out. I was unfortunate to have witnessed a Korean gangster being shot and was feeling very homesick, a prisoner of circumstance until the trial, illegible for parole as the only witness, forbidden to contact family or friends.Feeling so trapped made me wish I had been quicker on the uptake and fled the scene instead of becoming even more of a victim and living in fear of reprisals. Even my small stature was adding to my feelings of total insignificance and helplessness.

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