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Alliterative Paragraph: A Magic in cards and alliterative paragraphs.
Posted by T. Morpheus, May 11, 2016. 298 views. ID = 7145

Alliterative Paragraph

Posted by T. Morpheus, May 11, 2016. 298 views. ID = 7145
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My very first attempt at writing at this site. I had little experience of writing before, but I hope to improve.
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Masters of myriads of minds might just have made a moment to make a magical move. To have a moment of magic. A match of "magic", to make it more clear. Maters of monetary manipulation move around a most mature and immature manifestation of modern day magic: Their "Magic" decks. One of a many mights in the many lands is the mind manipulation, maneuvering, mastery of bluff and calling out of mockery. Men each make a mysterious magic: for members, may not for many readers. Maroon mage makes a mission made by a mighty array of magical mutilation. Magnolia is a mastermind of making an army morale and numbers. Man musters for melee, men make sure they may make the monsters pay. A third, malachite man, is a modern day mage of nature. May his monsters, made mates, make a massive manifestation on the mindfield of members of the magic play, as mystical, mysterious voice makes a final motion: "May you mulligan, men?", making a dice roll on move order.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
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