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New Appliance Invention: The Book
Posted by rockmyorchid, May 8, 2016. 359 views. ID = 7139

New Appliance Invention

Posted by rockmyorchid, May 8, 2016. 359 views. ID = 7139
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You know...every excuse in the book...

You've heard about it forever and have never been able to get your hands on. You've tried to use it with only what you've heard passed around like a game of Broken Telephone with mixed results. What would you achieve if only you had it?

Well its back. Available again for the first time since it's creation, with a modern redesign and user interface. "The Book" is beautifully designed for ease of use. Organized by task and desperation level, this is an app that truly is revolutionary.

You can find " The Book" online or in the app store. Simply click to download and subscribe to whichever level of service fits your needs; whether it is the unlimited monly subscription or a custom tailored level of uses. Then its as simple to use as inputting some basic information on your current dilemma and searching its infinite database for the perfect solution to your problem.

You can also contribute to its pages by sharing innovative ways you got satisfactory results with other users, and read the ones they have submitted as well!

Next time you are late for that important meeting or you forgot your anniversary, don't sweat it! You will have every excuse you need, in "The Book".

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