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An Epic Rhyme for November: 29 stanzas written throughout November in an attempt to meet the challenge of" A Novel"set in 2013
Posted by alilee, Nov 28, 2015. 672 views. ID = 7060

An Epic Rhyme for November

Posted by alilee, Nov 28, 2015. 672 views. ID = 7060
This post was written in 70 minutes.
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To try to write is causing me some pain
with crossings out and starting this again
but still I know that I must get this done
for not to write will only hurt someone

If truth be told, to write will hurt them too
but this is something that I have to do
if only I can find a way to start,
for us to part without breaking your heart

Life seemed so simple on the day we met
because of course I hadn't known her yet
exchanging smiles which quickly led to chat
walks in the park then shared meals in your flat

An easy friendship quickly became more
with feelings I had never known before
you were the first girl I had ever kissed
the first to show me how much I had missed

Along the beach while walking hand in hand
our toes in sand while future life we planned
on country walks our laughter was the sound
a herald of the happiness we'd found

Of course our happy bubble couldn't last
and irritations built as more time passed
togetherness you wanted felt a tie
and more and more, I felt life passing by

The fact that if I snapped you'd try to smile
and just turn very quiet for a while
would make me feel some guilt but not enough
to stop me walking out in quite a huff

I'd go out with my friends to have some fun
and in this bar was where I met someone
this girl was pretty, witty, full of life
and not expecting to become my wife

I have to say right now, I did not cheat
but just enjoyed the time away to meet
this pretty, witty girl who liked me too
and wasn't telling me what I should do

My Mum and Dad split up when I was nine
Mum always used to say that it was fine
that she and I were better on our own
but I could see she hated being alone

I didn't have much freedom as a child
no chance to let my hair down or be wild
Mum was afraid that she would lose me too
and I resented this the more I grew

An interruption to my reverie
the telephone, a shrill cacophony
which blasts my mind from dwelling on the past
insistent ringing makes me pick up fast

I say " Hello" and muffled sobs I hear
it takes a while for her voice to be clear
" An accident" she says "Can I come now"
I quickly ask my girlfriend's mother "How"

Her car was hit,her mother softly said
They had to cut her out, she hit her head
She's not responding, in a coma deep
and then I hear her mother start to weep

She tells me where she is and then I say
"I'm leaving now,I'll be there right away"
I put the phone down quickly and I sigh
I leave the flat while trying not to cry

All thoughts of leaving her have left my head
instead my mind and heart are full of dread
The hospital I reach, how I don't know
and swiftly scan the signs for where to go

I find your room, you look so pale and wan
I know then that you really are the one
What was I thinking earlier today
how could I throw the love we have away

I gently kiss your lips and touch your cheek
it hurts to see you lying there so weak
the doctor comes and tells us that your scan
has shown no swelling in the brain. The plan

is just to wait until you start to wake
to monitor your vital signs and take
care of your hydration and nutrition
silently I sit there in contrition

For two long days I sit with her mother
sometimes with her sister and brother
beside her, unresponsive in her bed
I wonder what her thoughts are in her head

At last to my relief, you awaken
no memories of all the time taken
or even of the crash while in your car
You're even quite unsure of where you are

The doctors keep you in for a few days
at first you seem to be in quite a haze
but over time your mind becomes more clear
you're very glad to have your family near

At last the doctors say you're free to go
I've asked my boss for more time off just so
I can take care of you until you feel
your mind and body have had time to heal

Over the next few weeks we really talked
sometimes in the flat, sometimes we walked
I told her how I felt, my need to be
with others too, my needing to feel free

I told her how my Mum had made me feel
how I'd doubted that our love was real
I even told her how I'd tried to write
but couldn't find the words that fateful night

how when her mother rang I felt such pain
at thoughts of never seeing her again
I'd in an instant known our love was true
when she was hurt. How panic in me grew

She talked as well of how her love for me
had manifested in anxiety
how fear of losing me had made her cling
how fear had nearly lost us everything

We laughed together and we even cried
when thinking how she'd very nearly died
I asked her on one knee to marry me
when she said yes, my heart felt truly free

We sit here now , our twilight years are here
with love and memories and no more fear
our children and grandchildren bless our life
I love you so much still, beloved wife

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.


Nov 29, 2015
Wow - this one must have taken quite a while to compose! :O
   ~Posted by Douglas, Nov 29, 2015

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