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The Fourth Nation: Chapter 1: Fantasy Story
Posted by The Purple Power, Feb 29, 2008. 1637 views. ID = 698

The Fourth Nation: Chapter 1

Posted by The Purple Power, Feb 29, 2008. 1637 views. ID = 698
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sorry! u'll have to wait a while to get to the scene the book started with... Anyway, here's the start of the hero's adventure...
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This post is Part 2 of a writing series titled The Fourth Nation.

Rayon stood by the door, eagerly awaiting his father’s return. He had finished his chores faster than ever before, because today was the day. On no other day would he have been done in time, but today…today he received his first sword.
He couldn’t wait until he could finally walk proudly into town like all the other men of his village. He would be a man. He had always had the respect of the other villagers. In fact he was probably stronger than most of them had been at his age. Sometimes, it seemed like they feared him and he wondered if the sword would earn him respect or if it would only confirm those fears.
He decided he would go visit Shiba. Shiba was a tough girl; he had met her when someone from town had been picking on him. She had stepped in the way and defended him. From then on they had been good friends, and eventually more. They had been the only friends for each other and the more the spent time together, the more they began to like each other.
Shiba had inspired him in many ways; she had pushed him to excel and she had taught him how to fight. He may have never become a swordsman if it were not for her.
He was now running towards her house; for the more he thought about her the more he missed her. He finally reached her house on the other side of the village. He knocked, longing to see her every second more. He waited a moment longer, then knocked again.
No answer.
Probably in town with her father, he thought. He walked quietly back to his house and waited patiently for Vispma to return with his sword.
He got impatient after five more minutes of waiting. So he decided to do more chores. After an hour of that with nothing else to do, he decided to train himself a bit. He took out his staff, its blade defined by the scrape marks all over it. He found the thorn bush in the backyard; it was just in the woods behind the small hut he called home. He swung the heavy staff one handed using his left hand, and within a minute the thorn bush was nothing less than a stem, which he quickly cut. He then found a small log and carried it with his right arm back to the middle of the yard.
Quickly he whirled around and struck the log several times then leapt away. He ran up a tree, back flipped behind the log and struck it with such a powerful blow that both the staff and the log split into many pieces.
He stood still, amazed at how strong that move had been. He had never done anything so powerfully before. A voice interrupted his thoughts.
“I’d say your ready for a sword!” It was Shiba! How had she found him? That didn’t matter; he ran over and hugged her like he hadn’t seen her in months.
“Why are you here?” He asked letting go of her, but staying close.
“Your sword,” was her only reply. And she handed him a large bundle of cloth. He hurriedly grabbed it and unwrapped it.
The sword was shorter than he had hoped, but he was still happy. The blade glinted blue in the sunlight and the hilt was designed with shimmering silver guard and at the base of the handle, there was a small socket. Except it was shaped differently on each side. He wondered why the gems were absent and different.
He drew it and swung it around. It felt nice to have that weight in his hands. It weighed more than the staff but it was easy to adjust to its weight. He sheathed it proudly in its gold embroidered blue sheath. He held Shiba’s hand tightly and asked:
“Why did you bring it to me?” She stared at him like he was insane before promptly stating an answer.
“Vispma was busy with customers when he spotted me, he asked me to run it by.” She squeezed his hand tighter then let go and ran off. He promptly followed and wondered when he was to meet his trainer. He quickly surmised that that’s where they were heading. They quickly worked there way through the bustling trade center of town to the outskirts farther east and eventually the reached the outer wall where the followed it north a short distance until they reached a palace which served as a gatehouse.
It was the manor of one of the king’s twelve royal lords. Was this the person who was to train him? A lord of the King! He felt a great deal of pride swell up within him. As they approached the gate, he felt himself shaking with nervousness. What would he say!? How should he address a servant of the king?! After a moment a heavyset warrior in blue lined armor approached the gate. He wore no helmet so his bushy hair was clearly visible.
“What business have ye here?” He said calmly yet almost commanded respect with the same tone. Rayon quivered in his boots, what should he say?
“W-we have come to be trained, sir.” He paused. “Or rather just myself good sir.” He waited for a response, when there was none he added, “My name is Rayon.”
The knight stepped back for a moment and examined the young swordsman. He walked a slow circle around Rayon inspecting him carefully.
“Show me your blade.” He asked after his inspection of Rayon. Rayon quickly drew his short sword and held it out for the knight to see. He inspected it, and then after a moment he stated:
“Where is the magical stone of your choice? Have ye gone on The Swordsman’s Quest yet?” He paused; Rayon stared at him in confusion. “You can nay be a swordsman until you return with either the Stone of the Sun or the Sacred Star Stone.” He turned and started to leave, then stopped, “I shall return in a moment.”
Rayon turned to Shiba and shrugged. They sat down and chatted for a moment; but before long the knight returned with a sealed scrolled in his hand. He handed the scroll to Rayon, and then his sword.
“Return when you have completed your quest.” He stated simply and motioned to the gate. Rayon and Shiba gave a small nod of the head, a sign of their respect, and promptly left.

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This post has been awarded 15 stars by 3 readers.
This post is Part 2 of a writing series titled The Fourth Nation. The next part of this series can be found here: The Fourth Nation: Chapter 1 (part 2).


Sara Taylor
Mar 3, 2008
Dude! That was sooo cool! I think this will definitely be my favorite story you've written....even though I haven't read all "beyond the paranormal" yet...haha and you added 'a girl' to make it all the better hahahah........keep it up....and keep working on it before I get in so much suspense that I blow up :P lol.
   ~Posted by Sara Taylor, Mar 3, 2008

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