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Of Puppets and Masters: Just a little rambling. Better to be ignored.
Posted by AmnesiacWithAName, Apr 25, 2015. 495 views. ID = 6964

Of Puppets and Masters

Posted by AmnesiacWithAName, Apr 25, 2015. 495 views. ID = 6964
This post was written in 12 minutes.
I was on a writing spree, but this didn't fit anywhere. I decided to give it to the internet, to do with it what you guys please.

To sleep is to dream. To dream is to wake up to this nightmare. And there is no reason to have to wake up from a fantasy of happiness, to be met with the dark world. Pain cannot be avoided; prolonging it just makes it worse. The world needs to stop sleeping, because they are continuously shocked when they wake up.

Welcome to reality, where there are two types of people: puppets and puppet-masters. I am just a puppet, one who can be manipulated into doing another's bidding. One who is not strong enough, not smart enough, to fight back. I am lesser. But am I really? The world says yes, but morals say no. The masters are the lesser. They are the ones who are too weak. They are the ones who won't fight. They cannot imagine their own battles turning out well, so they force others to fight for them. They are meek, choosing their champions to represent them. So that's what I truly am. A champion. A person of strength, one who battles for honor and worth. The only issue is that the honor does not go to me. The honor goes to the coward who makes me fight. It's not fair.

But that's just it. Life isn't fair. Life is a nightmare, one that you wake up to every morning in shock, expecting your dreams. The world is full of puppets and puppet-masters, champions who are overlooked and cowards with honor. The world is a messed up place. That is why you must find your place quickly, because there is no room for dreaming, no room for sleep. There is only your identity, your title of manipulator, or manipulated. So there is only one question that remains - Who are you?

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