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Life's Too Short: Because life's too short to waste.
Posted by AmnesiacWithAName, Feb 20, 2015. 484 views. ID = 6915

Life's Too Short

Posted by AmnesiacWithAName, Feb 20, 2015. 484 views. ID = 6915
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Inspired by Young the Giant's Cough Syrup, and the one phrase that will stay with me: "Life's too short to even care at all."

Thank you for reading.

Life's too short. We all have things we promise ourselves, whether they be tasks to complete, or achievements to earn. The world has too much to do, and we can't do it all. Therefore, we have regrets. The most tired regret not getting enough sleep, the well-rested resent the fact that they slept through a moment. This is all put into perspective for me. Maybe because my life's over. Maybe because I'm dead.

I wish I had died doing something I loved. Or that I at least wanted to try. Skydiving, hang-gliding, even something simple like skateboarding down a long highway. Instead I made a mistake. I texted behind the wheel. And in a second, life was suddenly too short. Twenty-five years were only a blink of the seventy I had ahead of me, and I traded them to send the message "Okay." But now I'm not okay.

Now I'll never skydive. I'll never scale a cliff. I'll never meet Oprah. I'll never achieve my dreams. My career was taking off, and suddenly crashed. Life's too short, and I think of all the time I've wasted, thinking about the future. There is no certain future. You can only live in the present. I'll never grow old in a rocking chair, I'll never have children, I'll never see the world at peace. Because of a mistake.

Because life's too short.

Because I didn't spend my life living.

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