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The Pursuit.: I've always believed poetry should be up for interpretation, so I'll let the readers decide what it's about! Comment below to share your opinion
Posted by gabemay, Feb 19, 2015. 761 views. ID = 6913

The Pursuit.

Posted by gabemay, Feb 19, 2015. 761 views. ID = 6913
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Gosh it's been so long since I've posted on here! Still thinking of you Doug and Laura!
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The tugging. The jerking. Of the peace. Of mind.
The lurking. And smirking. As its feasts. On mine.
Caterpillars crawling.
Butterflies flying.
The knots untying.
Stomach lurching.
Seasickness approaching.
Drowned in the sea of eternal sublime.
Continue to falter.
Or flatter.
Be be flattered.
Swooning to the spooning.
In the dreams that continue.
Splash. Splosh. Red everywhere.
Is it blood?
Is love?
Is it medium rare?
To early? Too late!
The dawn has escaped.
So I sit. I gather. I ponder and await.
The night. So soothing.
The darkness is mine.
Oblivion is my kingdom
And with that I'm fine.
Let me swim in the swamp.
Let me go under.
I'll dream those sweet dreams
In the sweetest of slumbers.
Lost love is only there when there was love to loose.
Let me hope for it now,
The the butterflies loose.
Fly with the owls,
That call in the night.
Their wisdom is clouding,
Let my thoughts be right.
Let me see.
Let me feel.
Let me taste, touch, and hear.
Before I surrender to the sun,
That's now inevitable here.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.

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