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Welcome to Texas: A Texas February Poem.
Posted by AmnesiacWithAName, Feb 11, 2015. 456 views. ID = 6900

Welcome to Texas

Posted by AmnesiacWithAName, Feb 11, 2015. 456 views. ID = 6900
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Inspired by the fact that even though it's not even Valentine's day yet, I walk outside and begin to sweat. Seriously though, it is way too bright out there.

Welcome to Texas,
Where you burn year 'round,
And tank-tops are common,
No snow to be found.

Welcome to Texas,
Where pale people cry,
As the bright sun comes out,
And they start to fry.

Welcome to Texas,
Where winter is scarce,
And rain is fleeting,
In the blistering air.

Welcome to Texas,
Where birds go to hide,
While the north is freezing over,
Because we're hot and dry.

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