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Perfect Storms: Just a stupid little drabble-thing about Florida weather. Probably not correct. Eh.
Posted by AmnesiacWithAName, Jan 31, 2015. 527 views. ID = 6894

Perfect Storms

Posted by AmnesiacWithAName, Jan 31, 2015. 527 views. ID = 6894
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I don't know where this came from. I'm not from Florida, I've never been to Florida, I'm not moving to Florida, my life has nothing to do with Florida. I thought of this during a car ride to Wendy's, and it stuck with me. Whatever. Just a drabble-type thing. It's kinda meh.

I never truly understood the phrase "dark and stormy night" until I moved to Florida. Watching the rain fall in sheets over the road, reflecting the light originating from the headlights, I was suddenly supplied the knowledge in which I needed to get it. That cliché wasn't just an over-exaggeration; its just been overused, and as time has passed, has lost it's effect. But staring out the passenger side window of my mother's minivan, I realized it was a legitimate description of Florida weather patterns.

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