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Creative Weather Forecast: A grumpy weather forecaster!
Posted by MissAnnie, Jan 18, 2015. 3407 views. ID = 6885

Creative Weather Forecast

Posted by MissAnnie, Jan 18, 2015. 3407 views. ID = 6885
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I don't usually watch the weather forecasts on TV, but all the forecasters seem way too cheerful for bad weather.
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Bad morning, people! This is your grumpy neighborhood weather forecaster speaking. The forecast for this morning is a 40% chance of those lovely little snow storms you people love. You know, the ones with the big fat snowflakes that meanders down softly to the ground?

But that's not all! After 1pm, there is an 80% chance that those adorable snowflakes will meet up with a howling wind, and we'll have a glorious blizzard! It says here on my script to tell you stay off the roads, but since my son owns the local garage and towing company, if you want to be an idiot and drive in this heavenly mess, that's fine with me.

Then this evening it's supposed to quiet down, and we'll have a nice clear night so you can watch the stars. If you want to, I mean. I'd rather be inside watching TV.

The forecast for tomorrow: it's going to warm up, into the mid-30's. Positively tropical! Then tomorrow night the temperatures will plummet, leaving a lovely sheen of ice over everything.

Safe journeys, folks!

~~Grumpy Neighborhood Weather Forecaster signing off.~~

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
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du courage
Jan 23, 2015
Nice twist on the weather forecast. Nearly human ;-)
   ~Posted by du courage, Jan 23, 2015

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