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Mnemonics: Poem
Posted by S. Lujan, Nov 30, 2014. 594 views. ID = 6835


Posted by S. Lujan, Nov 30, 2014. 594 views. ID = 6835
This post was written in 13 minutes.
Late at night, while not feeling well, all I could think was that I couldn't think. Thus the poem that couldn't come up with any mnemonics. :)

Ode to Mnemonics

Mnemonics is a word used to describe a way to remember things.
But what happens when no one remembers the word mnemonics?

It's funny that the word you want is not what your brain brings;
instead it's stuck thinking of obscure facts like hyrdoponics.

I can remember that Columbus sailed in 1492.
but ask me about something else, and I freeze.

I try to recall and come up with tricks, too.
Like a fun little rhyme that make remembering a breeze.

But it's a true fact that while I can remember
that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492-

And I know that there are 30 days in September
and all the lyrics to the Christmas songs, too-

But ask me where I parked the van
Or where I left my purse

And this is not something I can-
you'd think I'd be ready for a hearse!

So here's to mnemonics for hard to remember facts
Memorizing the notes and lines of this and that

I will just have to live with the way my brain acts
And give up on remembering...I don't know what.

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