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Talking Pets: Our cat can make herself understood already.
Posted by alilee, Oct 19, 2014. 1072 views. ID = 6783

Talking Pets

Posted by alilee, Oct 19, 2014. 1072 views. ID = 6783
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Our cat is well able to make her needs understood in her own unique way. Being Burmese, she is very vocal and has different meows to express her needs to go out, to be fed, and for attention. The silent meow is her greeting if we talk to her, and her reaction to birds is a distinctive cackle in her throat. A cat in our garden, her territory, results in loud growling and an instantly fluffed up tail. Body language is very expressive too. The pacing and cat stare which indicate " Please fold your arms so I can sit on your chest and be warm!" The contented and very loud purr which means " Thank - you, I'm very happy now " She is very diplomatic and if several of the family are sitting in the room, she will greet each one of us before choosing which lap to sit on, rubbing faces in greeting and trying to lick us if allowed.
She also likes to go on walks with us, but this we discourage now following the episode where she saw a dog and climbed a tree and then meowed madly for help to come down, resulting in the need for a stepladder!! She will express her displeasure by a batting of her paw, usually with claws retracted unless she is very cross or frightened. She has mad moments when she will rush around the house and will spend hours cocooned under a blanket or curled up in feline contentment in her igloo bed, day and night.

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