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Strange Creatures - The Hankydoodle: the dearest of all unknown creatures
Posted by du courage, Sep 7, 2014. 595 views. ID = 6740

Strange Creatures - The Hankydoodle

Posted by du courage, Sep 7, 2014. 595 views. ID = 6740
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The hankydoodle was inspired by a drawing my son made when very young
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Of all the creatures known and unknown, the hankydoodle is dearest to my. You only have to look it in the eyes to know it's hard not to love this kind and soft-hearted creature, despite it's somewhat odd looks.
It's body looks like some sort of cloud-like blob, with twiggy legs sticking out of it, a bit like the drawings of a young child. You have the picture? On top of it there a soft kind of flap that reaches to just below the eyes. It swishes continuously, from left to right, from right to left and over again. Like a happy dog's tail. This is not merely some kind of embellishment, but an indispensable necessity for the hankydoodle. You'll know when you look at the eyes, which are large and shiny and much like British weather, mostly rainy with some dry spells. It can hardly stop weeping, because there's always something to bring tears to the eyes, something happy, something sad. Without the swishing hanky it would hardly see where to go. That's why it often involuntary gets involved in all kind of unwanted adventures.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
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