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Of Mice and Men: blitz poem
Posted by alilee, May 25, 2014. 661 views. ID = 6661

Of Mice and Men

Posted by alilee, May 25, 2014. 661 views. ID = 6661
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Human life
human trafficking
trafficking of women
trafficking of men
men not machines
men not mice
mice rule the world
mice are masters
masters of men
masters of our destiny
destiny of our own making
destiny our downfall
downfall of civilization
downfall of human life
life as we knew it
life changes
changes in genetic engineering
changes mutating
mutating mice
mutating humans
humans as drones
humans as slaves
slaves of the house
slaves to the mouse
mouse masters
mouse so mighty
mighty mouse
mighty in size
size matters
size of intellect
intellectual genius
intellect controls
controls the world
controls stupid man
man the destroyer
man no longer dominant
dominant the mice
dominant their species
species in command
species in multitudes
multitudes of mice
multitudes reproducing
reproducing mighty mice
reproducing mighty race
race to the finish
race has been won
won from men
won by mice

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