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muses on roses: 13 ways of looking at a rose
Posted by alilee, Apr 7, 2014. 692 views. ID = 6617

muses on roses

Posted by alilee, Apr 7, 2014. 692 views. ID = 6617
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inspired by Wallace Stevens
13 ways of looking at a blackbird
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Muses on Roses

in bloom
a rose
her petals
perfectly proportioned

Manicured lawns
in countless suburban gardens
stately roses pruned
in a regimental parade of pride

A bud
promising more
as the petals of the rose
slowly unfurl

A palette as rich
as any artist's
profusion of colours
are roses in mid summer

In the morning
when dew glistens on the ground
a heady perfume fills the air
of roses fresh from slumber

She buries her head
deep in the rosy bouquet
savouring the moment
for it will not last

Rambling in wild array
scrambling over others
to reach the sunniest spot
flowering in abandonment
the rose in her fullness displayed

Blood red the blossom
of the beautiful rose
but beware the spill
of red blood on her thorns
a trap for the unwary

A single rose he gave me
as a symbol of our love
I pull the petals one by one
he loves me, he loves me not
our love dying with the rose

How does the rose compare
to other flowers? Who is to say
that a rose has more beauty
than a daffodil or daisy

Each rose bears a name
to distinguish it's uniqueness
from all others
colour, fragrance, form and clarity
which is our favourite
is a matter of personal taste

A summer salad of mixed leaves
is enhanced by petals of roses

At summers end
the blowsy roses shed
their petals on the grass
to be consumed by the garden
or crushed by mowers blade

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.

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