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Alien Perspective: what I think alilen would think oof today's life.
Posted by snapper, Mar 21, 2014. 714 views. ID = 6594

Alien Perspective

Posted by snapper, Mar 21, 2014. 714 views. ID = 6594
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The alien’s space some how crash tough the roof of building that was having a lecture on how to make life with a disability better by a famous person with special needs named Erika
Erika said
“When I was growing up in grade school people did not know how to deal with my disabilities and in middle they all most made me miss a class trip. When I got into high school a kid I knew since pre school drop out high school because the work was too hard. Where I live there is a high school exit exam that makes it even hard for people with disabilities to graduate from high school.
People with disability can learn and live life to its fullest. Over the years I have overcame a lot of my disabilities. I saw other people with disabilities learn and live too fullest with all the help that they could get to rich that point in their life.
For 8 years I was a guest speaker at a k to 8 school. I just talked about my disalibty and how I was able to overcome a lot of hard ships in my lifetime. I hoped that I was to help the kids change their idea about people with sepcail needs I also see people with disabilities as people with sepcail talents. “

Alien Was so nut sure what to make want was going on and he started yelling” agf def sfds!!!!!!!!!!!” and just left the space so fast that made spaceship gas of Jell-O to fall over all the people. The space ship was making a meow meow sound also.

When he got back to planet kuakooku he said “ there so crazy, insane and weird down there that I will never want to go back.

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This post has been awarded 7 stars by 2 readers.
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