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Of Quills and Quarrels Part 4: the story continues
Posted by Sylavash, Feb 25, 2008. 2162 views. ID = 657

Of Quills and Quarrels Part 4

Posted by Sylavash, Feb 25, 2008. 2162 views. ID = 657
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This post is Part 4 of a writing series titled Of Quills and Quarrels.

“It’s a shame…” Matthias sighed, “I am glad to meet you Jade” He continued whispers forgotten, “Saltar, tie up the goblin and let’s check out the cave of treasures.”

“There seems to be no traps,” Elric surmised, “and the lock but a play thing shall we search for treasures?” Elric queried while opening the door for the others. When the half-orc entered, he saw the priceless jewels of three families. Five fire opals, ten black pearls, and half a dozen rings of various types. As Elric entered his mouth watered, how great a day he has had so far.

“We can’t take them” the Mathias said staunchly.

“I agree, but we can’t leave this here” Saltar responded.

“We could return them to there owners” offered Elric ‘and get rewarded’ he hoped.

“How do we know where they came from? We can’t just ask if someone lost some jewels” Jade queried.

“Quite the predicament, I see” contemplated Mathias, “Let us think more on this later, I do believe it is past dusk and we have no place to stay tonight.”

Using his rapier to poke the goblin captive, Elric questioned him, “So where are the others?” He asked lifting the goblins chin with the rapier.

“Others?” he stammered in broken common, “What others? Just us.”
“So you are saying that five goblins kidnapped a half orc, two humans and a dwarf?” Elric queried. “Maybe the five of you took down the girl, but I know it wasn’t you that captured me.” Elric stated.

Jade huffed off, clearly offended by the prior statement. She couldn’t stand Elric. He was so full of himself. Jade walked to the pasture area away from the interrogations. She took up a spade and found a soft spot of dirt on the north wall of the compound. Slowly digging a small bit, she made a grave for the fallen goblin. She had no ties to the goblin but she couldn’t leave the body unattended to. Instead of making work of the task, she dug the grave with more like a science. This hadn’t been the first person she buried, and she knew it was far from her last. After placing the body into the grave she had dug, she said a small prayer and covered him and left.

Returning to the camp Jade overheard the group, “Well at least we know why we are here, and what we are up against.” Elric said.
Saltar nodded, “we need to figure out where we go from here,” he sighed. He picked up the interrogated goblin by the scruff of the neck. “Get some sleep with your pals” Saltar suggested throwing the goblin unceremoniously in to the recently escaped dungeon, carefully locking the door. “We have no more need for them, except to keep them from letting anyone know we aren’t captives anymore.” Saltar explained.

“I agree,” Matthias nodded, “With someone on watch we shall be safe till first light here, but then we shall head away from here, quickly.”

“I shall take first watch,” Saltar offered, “A few hours before dawn I will wake you, and we can leave at dawn,” Saltar nodded to Matthias.

“I do believe the nice city of Emyr is due west of here, if we leave here at dawn” Elric figured his math in the air. “We should get to Emyr by high sun, the authorities there would be rightful people to find the owners of the ransoms and return them in kind.” Elric knowledgably explained.

“we could” Mathias pondered, I have never been to Emyr myself,” He explained, “I was on my way there earlier, might as well continue, then return later to the Great Vine”

“I was visiting in Emyr when I was caught unawares,” Jade recalled. “I am still unsure behind the reasoning for this kidnapping. Might someone explain what you found out from the goblin?” She inquired.

“Oh, of course Jade” Mathias said realizing she had been left out of the loop in on information, “It seems as though the goblins, were merely guards of the captives. The captives, us, were kidnapped because of our royal blood or great wealth. The goblin was unsure as to who actually they were working for, and their motives. It seems as though there were five others that brought each of us, but each time that the goblins saw these people they looked different. I think that Changelings may explain this. While we were held our families were being asked for ransoms for our safe return.” Mathias explained. “As you may have noted I, Mathias Rolf Swordsteel, am no common dwarf, I the heir to the Dwarven Chieftain, although he is healthy and still long of life, I am his only son of his wife.”

“I too am from royal lineage,” Saltar revealed. “Although, No longer a powerful family because of the mixed blood. Nevertheless, we still have pride. And our inheritance is great. My blood is that of Great orc-ish warriors and royal human maidens.” Saltar glowed.

“I am a nobleman’s son, though I have cast his life aside, and chosen a higher path for myself, my blood is still pure and my family still seeks for me to come back.” Elric admitted.

“I see, they that captured you three captured great prizes for ransom,” Jade acknowledged. “But…” She hesitated, “I am heir to no throne, and have no riches. I am just a stone cast aside to find the crystal beside it.” Jade sighed.

“No royal blood? They made a mistake I suppose, though you didn’t come across well-bred like Saltar, Matthias and I” Elric surmised, “You aren’t polished like us, even those well bred lost in a thousand peasants become refined.”

“Most likely I was mistaken for a recent acquaintance of mine in Emyr I suppose,” Jade responded biting her tongue, and restraining her self, “I was leaving the Barron’s daughters place, when I was ambushed, I suppose it was a simple case of mistaken identity, well I should sleep, please call me if anything happens during the night.” Jade finished and turned to climb into a sack to sleep.

“I have a small abode in Emyr if anyone were to need lodging when we arrive. Any time you need my doors shall be open to you.” Elric obliged “As for me I shall retire to be ready for what ever adventures tomorrow shall hold.” Elric also then retired to a sack near Jade.

Nodding to Saltar, Matthias retired also leaving the lone night guardsman to tend to the night.

The night was dark; being only the second night after a new moon, the crescent sliver barely graced them with its presence. All was quiet as Saltar made a walk around the compound the crickets chirped softly and the pony nickered occasionally as he grazed and slept. The sliver of moon that was present, danced between the clouds and across the sky. As the moon danced halfway across the sky and started on its last quarter Saltar awoke Matthias to take watch.

Mathias woke and walked the perimeter of the compound, stopping to pat the pony grazing in the pasture, satisfied that all was calm he returned to the smithing area to keep watch. Thinking nostalgically back to his home and his first watch, he hummed a little tune. He had been happy to see Jade today; he had met her, though that was before. It was evident now that it was wrong. She was strong, though they would never admit it, and it seems that she has learned to get along on her own. He was so impressed, what was she 17 now? It was two winters ago when she had come of age and how she had changed, but her sweetness was still there, and evidently her royal blood. As he reminisced of four years ago, the moon completed its dance and started to retire, as the sun broke the seal of night.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.
This post is Part 4 of a writing series titled Of Quills and Quarrels. The next part of this series can be found here: Of Quills and Quarrels 5.
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Feb 25, 2008
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