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Three Wishes: Be careful what you wish for
Posted by du courage, Feb 16, 2014. 1140 views. ID = 6567

Three Wishes

Posted by du courage, Feb 16, 2014. 1140 views. ID = 6567
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I've become a bit scared of wishing, because if you sincerely wish something, it tends to come true. But there always seems to be an unexpected backside to my wishes, that makes me wanting to reverse my wish.
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During my life
I wished for a lot
and when it came true
I wished it had not
For it always comes true
in a different way
and you never expected
the price you would pay

Wishing is a dangerous thing
you see
So I wish to be from wishes free
to find peace
in whatever will be
and to accept
what will come to me
whatever the consequences
that will make three

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.
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Feb 16, 2014
A quick wording observation: in the final line of the first stanza, you use the phrase "the price you'd to pay", which would translate to "the price you would to pay". As such, it does not make sense without the "have" in-between the "you'd" and "to"/"would" and "to".

Aside from that, I found this poem entirely enjoyable. It speaks to truth, and the dangers of unrestricted want. A fun, original take on the prompt, methinks.
   ~Posted by Emily, Feb 16, 2014

du courage
Feb 17, 2014
Thanks Emily. You were right, so I made a change.
   ~Posted by du courage, Feb 17, 2014

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