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Water, Water Everywhere!: The flood
Posted by alilee, Feb 2, 2014. 931 views. ID = 6547

Water, Water Everywhere!

Posted by alilee, Feb 2, 2014. 931 views. ID = 6547
This post was written in 31 minutes.

Just sitting in my living room today
when suddenly there's water all around
a trapdoor in the ceiling up above,
below another hidden underground

The door is jammed, I can't go out that way
my mind in panic thinks this way or that
the lower trapdoor will not open now
the pressure of the water swirling grey

To reach the ceiling I must grab a chair
a heavy one which will not float away
the water rising higher all the time
I push, I climb, I stretch and slowly sway

At last my reaching fingers reach their goal
the trapdoor opens onto rooftop high
As the water rises, so too, do I
and see above me rescue and the sky

What caused this flood, I wonder as I rise
and cannot quite believe what I can see
for every where I look from my safe view
expanse of water meets my startled eyes.

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