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gonzeaux: A poem based on our search for ourselves
Posted by infamousjk, Feb 1, 2014. 639 views. ID = 6545


Posted by infamousjk, Feb 1, 2014. 639 views. ID = 6545
This post was written in 23 minutes.
The ever growing struggle to find our own way in life.

My hands are shaking
I have lost all feeling from the day before
Followed by the day before that
Wishing, hoping, praying for reprieve

When will this end and my dreams begin?
Where is the happiness at pit of soul?
Where is the place where i can easy my mind?
Is it with the man hiding in the closet at the back of my brian?

Questions life just wont answer
They never get answered, you just work
Looking for rain or shine
Reminding yourself there is no growth without pain

What we all need is gonzeaux
the shining path that will fill our dreams
feed our souls
ultimately build ourselves

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