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My spy and I: There's been much discusion in the news about governments spying on their citizens but we love the spying devices
Posted by du courage, Feb 1, 2014. 552 views. ID = 6542

My spy and I

Posted by du courage, Feb 1, 2014. 552 views. ID = 6542
This post was written in 2 minutes.
This morning I read an article about the many ways of data collection. Nothing seems to be private any more. But when I had to go out without my mobile I felt uneasy. I guess I could have written something alike about the internet and email. They changed our lives so much, we can't do without them now it becomes clear there is a backside to using them.

My mobile phone
It spies on me
so says the news

This morning
just before going out
my spy asked me to be recharged

Going out unspied
I should be glad
but felt uneasiness instead

I'm not connected
to the outside world
without my spy

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