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Inprov/scratch paper: rough idea
Posted by infamousjk, Jan 27, 2014. 565 views. ID = 6535

Inprov/scratch paper

Posted by infamousjk, Jan 27, 2014. 565 views. ID = 6535
This post was written in 15 minutes.
May use for short story later.

In a tar pit in a land some where lost between extinction of prehistoric life; a great creature lived at the bottom stirring in circles brewing in hostility. Small pack's of animals or dinosaurs occasionally humans to would succumb to its home. Horrors indeed lied in the hands of the serpent in the pits.

Bubbling tar pits painted the gray sand with cracked earth of Desolan. Heroes young and old tried but went out in their own noble glory. Things were changing in the fabric of existence. This day felt un-ordinary the beast thought.

Rumbling shook the sands the earth tore the cracks exploded with earth.

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