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An ode to the choir: Singing is a joyful experience
Posted by alilee, Dec 19, 2013. 1070 views. ID = 6492

An ode to the choir

Posted by alilee, Dec 19, 2013. 1070 views. ID = 6492
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An Ode to the Choir

On thursday mornings, half past ten we meet
and all our friends are there for us to greet
the early birds set out the chairs by row
they know exactly where each one should go

and ladies three the biscuits do provide
the table set with music scores beside
The hall is filled with sounds of happy chat
as friends meet up and talk of this and that

The keyboard brought each week by chairman John
The sound of flat piano now has gone
and Hilda’s playing helps keep us on track
and aids us when right notes we sometimes lack

For each rehearsal Glynn will have a plan
He can sometimes appear a grumpy man
but teaching us is not an easy task
the patience of a saint a lot to ask

we may watch Glynn but do not really look
our heads are down as if immersed in book
to memory one week our parts are set
with ageing minds,next week we may forget

One liners fill the air when skills we lack
with repartee forthcoming from the back
the lively wit will always raise a smile
and cheer our spirits even for a while

Some songs have power to raise us up so high
while haunting melodies can make us cry
the love of music is what brings us here
when voices blend pure magic can appear

To Margaret P. our grateful thanks are due
for learning discs and music, outings too
her seating plans ensure that we all see
exactly whereabouts we all should be

Our repertoire is growing year on year
and all of us are happy to be here
to sing in choir is truly a delight
despite the fact our notes are not quite right

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.

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