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In Flanders Fields: response to poem
Posted by legnab, May 26, 2013. 620 views. ID = 6289

In Flanders Fields

Posted by legnab, May 26, 2013. 620 views. ID = 6289
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The poem In Flanders field is a poem that commemorates those fallen heroes and sheroes that we have lost along the way. This poem sets the scene of places that soldiers have been. The poems starts out by setting the stage and letting the reader know the places and things soldiers encounter on a daily basis. Next, it’s as if, the fallen soldiers speak from the grave and let others know that they are dead; but they also live on in those who love them and in Flanders Field. The poem closes by introducing themes like hope, longevity, and renewal of the fallen soldiers works through those who love them. Furthermore, the poem closes by encouraging love ones to embrace the courage, faith, and perseverance of fulfilling the fallen soldiers’ mission by taking up the torch of the fallen soldiers.
On a personal note, I found this poem to be eerie, yet surreal. It made me think about lost loved ones and what their wishes for me would be if they were alive. I know that they would want the best for me and for me to continue to be a person of integrity and to show my character despite life’s circumstances or seasonal changes. They would want me to learn how to dance in the storm and enjoy the journey of life—the ups and the downs. Although, I do not know many fallen soldiers personally, the sentiments of this poem can be applied to the hopes and dreams that deceased loved ones have their friends, family, and children. Overall, this poem was interesting and the sentiments can be applied to anyone who has lost a loved one.

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.
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