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A Boy and His Dad: A boy's request of his father
Posted by KAW, Apr 9, 2013. 647 views. ID = 6220

A Boy and His Dad

Posted by KAW, Apr 9, 2013. 647 views. ID = 6220
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C'mon Dad, let's go have a catch.
It's all I want to do.
Face to face in a field of grass,
'Neath a summer sky of blue.

C'mon Dad, teach me to play.
Tell me the rules and I'll watch what you show.
As I learn, we can play more and more,
And I'll get better each day as I grow.

I can't wait to swing some clubs, you and I,
And walk among the trees.
When we're done, we can sit, look up at the clouds,
And enjoy the warm summer breeze.

While I'm so small, and you're so tall
Teach me everything you know.
Like how to oil my baseball glove,
How to block, and when to throw.

And when I'm older,
C'mon Dad let's go- golf and ski and sail.
And while it's quiet, and we have our first beer,
I want you to tell me your tale.
Please tell me all about your life,
And your dad's, and his before him.
And I'll know who I am,
And be proud that I follow
In a line of good, moral men.

I want to do all these things with you.
You're so smart and strong and brave.
Please show me the way, the right from the wrong,
And I'll walk on the road that you pave.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.

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