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The hour thirteen: The day the Ministry of time took over
Posted by du courage, Feb 19, 2013. 718 views. ID = 6143

The hour thirteen

Posted by du courage, Feb 19, 2013. 718 views. ID = 6143
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Can't help to be inspired by Orwell. What if man could literally influence time.
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It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen.
How strange, I thought. I checked my watch for the right time and... hey.. what's going on here.
The numbers on the dial plate were shivering, no, they were moving, closer and closer to each other untill they stood huddled together in one quarter of the dial plate. Now a huge new number emerged. It was an enormous THIRTEEN filling the other three quarters of the dial plate.
What the heck was happening. I tried to unearth my cell phone from my pocket. It immediately started buzzing. A message displayed on the screen:
“Downloading Timekeeper App. This is a free and obligatory App. Don't switch off untill you've read and accepted the following information.
"The Ministry of Time today introduced the New Standard Time (NST). NST gives you thirteen hours each day. The first twelve are at your own disposal, the thirteenth you're at the disposal of the New Time Government. All daily necessities are considered to be comprised in the first twelve hours. Timekeeper will give a signal after each hour. As soon as the thirteenth hour starts it will keep buzzing until you are in Time Square in front of the Ministry of Time.
Oh no, it starts buzzing right now. So sorry, but I must go. Can't tell you more. The buzzer makes my hands ache. No time! No time! Wait for me at one o'clock, wait for me please.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
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