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A year of endings: The end of an era.
Posted by alilee, Jan 1, 2013. 793 views. ID = 6057

A year of endings

Posted by alilee, Jan 1, 2013. 793 views. ID = 6057
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A year of endings. My son and daughter and her boyfriend of three years are now installed in their own flat and fully independent.So now our household has reduced to two and a different but still enjoyable way of living, so new beginnings for us all as well as endings.My daughter has graduated from university and started her first job so a lot of exciting new experiences for her and my son is enjoying a new level of self sufficiency after moving out from home at the age of twenty-eight.

The other major ending was the very sad death of my father at the end of November. His dying was a traumatic experience for my sister and I as he became very paranoid and was refusing to eat or drink as he thought his carers were trying to poison him. He then developed a serious bowel infection but due to his paranoia refused to go into hospital and was only admitted when he became unconscious.
Despite the sadness of his death we have been able to remember
happier times when he enjoyed his life with my mum and family, his love of the countryside and farming.Later in retirement he enjoyed creating a country garden which was visited by a myriad of birds and cared for my mum with great love and respect when she became immobile. He looked after her with minimal help coping with hoists and catheter and her personal care and all the cooking. He was the youngest with five older sisters. His last surviving sister died earlier in the year , so as my aunty commented ' It really is the end of an era.'

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.
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