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Top this one, turkey lovers: A reminder to be grateful, while there is still time
Posted by MarkHudson, Nov 19, 2012. 804 views. ID = 6010

Top this one, turkey lovers

Posted by MarkHudson, Nov 19, 2012. 804 views. ID = 6010
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Thanksgiving is an American holiday, and this is still the best place to be, even though we're having tons of problems. We depend so much on the government to solve our problems. When are we going to return back to God?
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Thanksgiving far from home

Mark Hudson

This year I hear people are rebelling,
against a holiday once compelling.
they're saying no to all that stuffing,
and something tells me they're not bluffing.

One lady who goes to my art school,
says thanksgiving with her family's not cool.
She's going to Milwaukee to see a museum,
and lots of nice art, I wish I could be them.

A local article says thanksgiving's becoming,
a family chore that leaves people bumming.
A group of friends went to Australia instead,
"It was the best Thanksgiving, ever!" they said.

One lady I know shed no tears,
she hasn't seen her family in fourteen years.
But this Thanksgiving she's returning to dine,
One brother died, the other's next in line.

Oh, why do we hate our families so much?
Over the years we all just lose touch.
everybody just wants to be alone,
we sit there and stare at a silent cell phone.

What about the soldiers overseas?
The ones protecting us, so we're free?
Why is Obama in Asia right now?
The middle East doom is happening, and how!

Americans aren't very grateful anymore,
no wonder we ended up going to war.
To protect freedoms we take for granted,
I'm the last person who will look at it slanted.

So pick up a turkey and slice off it's head,
we might be the next to end up dead.
Women complain about animal rights,
while soldiers in the Middle East continue to fight!

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 2 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: Quatrains of Thanksgiving


Nov 20, 2012
Very good Question.
   ~Posted by Peter-Twitchell, Nov 20, 2012

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