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Garden of Creativity: Grab Bag #2 just trying to use all the words
Posted by bootshot63, Oct 10, 2012. 1024 views. ID = 5935

Garden of Creativity

Posted by bootshot63, Oct 10, 2012. 1024 views. ID = 5935
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This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: esthetically, word, outset, hypocrite
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Let us begin this wonderful journey of color with the outset of imagination. The creation of imagination is a wonder all on its own. Just take a mind, the garden of creativity, and sprinkle it with imagery and exemplification. The water for this garden is the wording that flows from a writer. As the writer writes, more of this liquid thought pours onto his page, giving sprout to a new way of thinking.

New thinking and imagination, hand in hand, provide a new landscape of ideas. The binding and molding of both fresh and stale ideas produce a new view of sentence structure. Each word, and every syllable, are esthetically the foundation for the mind's eyes. Make use of these precious moments, for in an hour they may go sour once again.

Be eager to constantly build upon the newness of your perspective. This is yours to cradle and feed; a timeless newborn. There is no such a thing as a hypocrite in your own world of literature. You are you, and changing is what you do. At times, things may seem slow in the garden of your mind, but reflect on the many hours spent growing. It is now time for a rest.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
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