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Long Life Span: Is life better now?
Posted by alilee, Oct 7, 2012. 1351 views. ID = 5928

Long Life Span

Posted by alilee, Oct 7, 2012. 1351 views. ID = 5928
This post was written in 44 minutes.

wide open spaces are all that I see
whiteness and oh so very cold
swaddled in soft fur,held in mothers arms
our cave a refuge from predators bold

years pass and now my childhoods nearly past
I learn to hunt with arrow strong and true
become a man and take myself a wife
the landscape changing,trees of every hue

now houses built of stone and then of brick
few at first then towns and cities growing
from farms and crops to smoke from chimney stacks
rivers once pure, foul with sewage flowing

In school the children learn and progress make
harsh discipline replaced,ideas abound
transport arrives with train and car and ship
clean living, medicines to heal are found

mans power through the ages slowly grows
with struggles to control vast swathes of land
and many lives are lost to poverty
by natural disaster and mans hand

and now the world has shrunk ,a global stage
communication in an instant blink
my life is nearly done,so much has changed
but is life better now.What do you think?

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