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Grab Bag #1: first attempt at a grab bag. pretty tough to find a use for all the words
Posted by bootshot63, Oct 4, 2012. 806 views. ID = 5923

Grab Bag #1

Posted by bootshot63, Oct 4, 2012. 806 views. ID = 5923
This post was written in 24 minutes.
This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: maintenance, thorny, guidance counselor, Marine, cornstarch, requirement, scarecrow

A thorny ole' chap from the South of Mississippi came walking around the corner shaking his head. He kept yammering on about his lack of know-how, which kept him from meeting the requirement to become a maintenance man. The only requirement, he said, was the ability replace the scarecrow out yonder for the guidance counselor.
The fellow was baffled, and left confused by the orders just given to him. He contemplated looking for a job elsewhere, but rejected the idea. After all, he was a former Marine! He could do anything he put his mind to, and that's just what he did.
Going to his workshop, he began to assemble the most intricate scarecrow known to man. It had bony legs, a bulky torso of hay, and water hose arms. The only problem with the design was the head. No one really knows what crossed his mind that day, but he managed to balance a bowl of cornstarch on top. This was surely going to get him the job, so he thought.
Approaching his possible employer for a slap on the back, he reflected on the night before; erecting this scarecrow in pitch blackness sounded like a good idea. To him, he tackled many feats at once. To the employer, he managed to allure every crow from miles around. The guidance counselor was furious, and demanded he leave immediately. The thorny ole' chap never did get the answer he was looking for. Why replace a perfectly good scarecrow?

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