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Little fish in the duck pond: Sometimes I feel like I'm from an other world at the office en this is what it's like.
Posted by du courage, Oct 3, 2012. 828 views. ID = 5915

Little fish in the duck pond

Posted by du courage, Oct 3, 2012. 828 views. ID = 5915
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Working in an organization, where nobody seems to grasp what your job is about, can be quite frustrating. Today it (again) took all my energy, so I decided to give a positive twist to my frustration and transform it into a story and hope you like it.
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Once upon a time, there was a little fish living in the duck pond. They really liked each other, the ducks and he. He swam rounds between their feet and made tiny air bubbles. The duck then immediately retracted his foot from the water. Such a nice game!
The ducks liked the little fish. He could bubble so nicely and they loved how he made circles around them. Though they lived in the same pond, their worlds were not the same. Sometimes the little fish tried to tell something to his friends, the ducks, for instance when he sensed bad weather coming or saw a huge shadow over the pond. The ducks liked the little fish bubbling frantically and tried to blow bubbles themselves. Duck-bubbles unfortunately are not the same as fish-bubbles, so they couldn't understand each other.
One day a very dark shadow was looming over the pond. A big storm was coming. The little fish tried to warn his friends by bubbling like his life was at stake. The ducks gleefully bubbled back at him. They quacked at him to let him know they were ready for their favorite game. It didn't matter how hard the little fish tried, the ducks didn't get the message. The fish swam in circles, faster and faster and jumped out of the water. What a joy, this new game. His friends were delighted. They flapped their wings, but stayed where they were. Again the fish swam faster and faster in circles and jumped as high as he had never done before. He hit the water with a loud splash. His friends, startled this time, flew up. Just in time, before the gust of wind hit the pond. The tiny fish sank to the bottom exhausted. Thus they were all saved from the storm. Still the fish felt disappointed he had not been able to warn his friends in time. Perhaps it would help if he told them a story, so he began "Once upon a time there was a little fish, living in the duck pond ..."

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.

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