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I'm Sorry, my dear!: Have you ever told sorry to the most important person in your life?
Posted by SpringOnion, Sep 28, 2012. 684 views. ID = 5901

I'm Sorry, my dear!

Posted by SpringOnion, Sep 28, 2012. 684 views. ID = 5901
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I am sorry I chose the red dress my friend recommended instead of the purple one. I am sorry I chose a car over the bike, just because my dad insisted so.

I am sorry, my dear self, that I didn't listen to you and decided to go study Medicine as that seemed to be the career with more money and more prospects.

I am sorry I sometimes don't accept the reality and beat myself up about what happened in the past. I am sorry I didn't realize that I am not really living a life of my dreams and settled into a mediocre life. I am sorry I find it hard to see, even harder to accept that the flaws I see in other, are mere reflections of mine.

I am sorry I am not expressing my love to the ones I love, on most opportunities. I am sorry I failed to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and was complaining about not having the common blueprint of life prescribed by the society, when in fact I didn't want that life.

I am sorry for forgetting the child I once was and allowed limiting beliefs into my life, didn't jump into the puddles on my way, didn't smell the flowers and marvel at the stars at night.

I am sorry I am not listing all things I am sorry for, as you are aware of all of them :). I am sorry, I am feeling sorry about all this as we both know that this is the right place, the right situation we are supposed to be in. This is to let you know how much you mean to me and one more step to make us become one.

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