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Attempt to having a day to myself: When I plan a day to myself, it usually fills itself with al kind of small claims on my time
Posted by du courage, Sep 20, 2012. 1092 views. ID = 5888

Attempt to having a day to myself

Posted by du courage, Sep 20, 2012. 1092 views. ID = 5888
This post was written in 20 minutes.
Things we did not plan to do can bring joy when we stop wanting everything to go according to plan.
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A day to myself

10:00 AM
I took a day off from work
A day all to myself
The telephone rings
It's my daughter
needing help with filling out some forms
Will I tell her to call back tomorrow
for I decided to have the day to myself?

11:00 AM
A coffee and the rest of the day to myself
My mum's at the door
So great I'm home
Can I help her with some computer problems?
Shall I tell her "Not now"
for today I decided to do what I like?

01:00 PM
After lunch,
an afternoon all to myself
A mail from my boss comes in
An urgent question that needs an answer today
Shall I simply not answer
or tell him it's my day off?

03:00 PM
My husband asks me to help him
hang a door
just a few minutes
that easily grow into an hour
because the door won't fit
Should I have told him to hang the door alone
For this is my day, for me alone?

05:00 PM
Baking cookies
In a hurry
So little time to do
what I'd liked to do today
Was I lacking courage
or shall I just enjoy having time for
all those small things
I can't do when at the office?

After all, it was me who decided to
answer the phone (and have a chat with my daughter),
open the door (and have coffee with my mum),
reply to the mail (and receive a thankful reply),
hang the door (some quality time with my husband)
and hurry the cookies (they were still delicious though)
Not so bad a day, it was.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
This post is part of a writing prompt: A Day to Yourself

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