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Just me today: A day of no obligations
Posted by vessels, Sep 18, 2012. 935 views. ID = 5885

Just me today

Posted by vessels, Sep 18, 2012. 935 views. ID = 5885
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I think I need one of these days in the near future.
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A day without obligations or expectations. I can't imagine it. Let's see what's a woman to do on a day like that? No cooking, cleaning, or going to work for a day. Noone phoning to ask to me to do something or go somewhere. No thoughts about about anything that absolutely has to get done by me. Nirvana!

I would first catch up on sleep and much needed rest. Then sometime in the day I would order out for food. breakfast, lunch, ooh, brunch! Yes brunch! After spending some time in front of the television I would go for a long walk to enjoy some fresh air and scenery. Walking calms me down and reenergizes me. On a typical day I have no time to take advantage of it.

I would return home an sit down quietly to drink something wonderful like coffee with extra cream before retiring to my bed again. This time I would spend a few hours reading a good book. Maybe I would finish the book. I will feel fatigued after that strenuous activity so I'll lay down for a nap.

When I reawake a long hot shower would be inorder. The steamy shower would reenergize me and ready me for the rest of my day of pleasure and fun.

I would then proceed to play my video games. To have hours and hours of gaming time would make me feel like a kid again. I might be able to defeat the boss battles in The last Remnant. What a great thought! No day of fun would be complete for me without playing the Sims. That would take a few more hours of new discoveries and ideas. I'm loving this thought more and more each minute.

Finally I would wind down the day with more food, take out, of course, then a good movie. Maybe I'll do some knitting while watching the movie. Maybe I'll just doze off to sleep blissfully. It's my day and I would do it whatever way I was pleased. I need many more of these no obligation days.

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 2 readers.
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