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The Tie that Binds: about ties created in difficult situations
Posted by du courage, Aug 6, 2012. 1147 views. ID = 5789

The Tie that Binds

Posted by du courage, Aug 6, 2012. 1147 views. ID = 5789
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I've always wondered about the strong ties that result of having joint enemies and surviving a difficult situation together. So there is something positive to enemies as well.

Difficult situations and joint enemies create the strongest ties. Years and some companies ago I met a special man in a special situation, but this is not the kind of happy end story. The company we worked at, was investigated to be sold. Because I was part of the internal investigation team, I had to ask everyone all kind of difficult questions. The special man was rather suspicious of my questions and tried to hide the truth were it was not beautiful enough, because he was extremely loyal to his employer. I didn't know how to judge his behavior. Soon it became clear that the management had all sorts of hidden agenda's and company email was being checked. From that moment on the management became a joint enemy, who wanted to destroy our dear company. Never underestimate the power of joint enemies to create friendships. We started to email each other, using our private email addresses to tell each other not the facts, but the worries and feelings about what was going on. The company and the man are still very dear to me. I left the company about 6 years ago, but still every workday my morning begins with an email of the special man. It's like a living diary. Life would feel empty without it. We know a lot about each other, but we'll never meet again. We'll be each others dear diary as long as..... well, I don't know actually.

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