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Summer Camp: my one and only experience with summer camp
Posted by MarkHudson, Jul 17, 2012. 703 views. ID = 5762

Summer Camp

Posted by MarkHudson, Jul 17, 2012. 703 views. ID = 5762
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seventh grade is always an awkward time. but summer camp is ridicilous
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I went to summer camp in seventh grade. i went with my friends to see what i was missing out on. but i didn't really like it. there was a rich kid who saw a bug in the cabin and went running straight for the main office to say he wanted to go home. And there was some kid who was bugging me, so i hit him, and then I was describing the scene to some friends, and i said, "And then i said....pow!' and a camp counselor heard me and laughed, and from then on he called me Rocky. but i remember not liking camping very much. to me, that was my idea of
"Roughing it." i was never an outsdoor type. raised in the nearest northern suburb of chicago, i was used to suburbs and the city. now as an artist, i always say, wouldn't it be great to be close to nature, to paint en plein air? one summer they had an en plein air contest in Evanston, my hometown. i think i came in 3rd place, but it was of a building. you don't see nature around here much. but where there is a means, there is an end. some people ask me, have you done any painting outside this summer? But it's so hot, the place to be is indoors. the future of camp;indoors recreation due to global warming!

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 2 readers.
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