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Dementia: Life is very short and fragile.
Posted by alilee, Jun 14, 2012. 623 views. ID = 5717


Posted by alilee, Jun 14, 2012. 623 views. ID = 5717
This post was written in 23 minutes.
This was prompted by a very sad family funeral.

The old man sits and stares in his front room
the curtains nearly drawn across in gloom
His eyes no longer tolerate the light
The garden he once loved is out of sight

His joints are stiff,his back is causing pain
when he stands up his body feels the strain
His house is now the only world he knows
The weeds are now the plants his garden grows

Where once he heard the sound of lowing cows
no longer does he move outside his house
The T.V. blares with films from long ago
He only follows ones he really knows

His memory is now for times long past
the years of life they vanish very fast
with precious snapshots of the life he led
and those who loved him still within his head.

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