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Extremes: Carers stress
Posted by alilee, Jun 10, 2012. 795 views. ID = 5710


Posted by alilee, Jun 10, 2012. 795 views. ID = 5710
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Last summer was a time when I experienced the conflict of needing to be in two places at once when my father was admitted to hospital.From visiting fortnightly{He lives a two hour drive from my home}, I found myself spending three days a week staying in his house and hospital visiting,doing his washing and looking after his house as well as my own and having high levels of anxiety about his health as both his physical and mental health deteriorated in hospital.He developed paranoid ideas that he was being poisoned by the nurses and refused to eat and drink and even had ideas that oxygen was being piped in the ward and would explode and kill him.My sister and I were able to support each other through this difficult time and even find some humour in Dads more bizarre ideas.There were some pleasures in staying at his house too like the wide variety of birds which visit his garden and deer too and the closer relationship with my sister through our shared stress and worry.
Luckily Dad did recover enough to be discharged home and has accepted he now needs carer support to live at home.His carers
are excellent and Dad now enjoys their visits most of the time.

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