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The Thundering and Raining Nightmare: I don't like thunder.
Posted by Cody Miller, Jun 3, 2012. 737 views. ID = 5698

The Thundering and Raining Nightmare

Posted by Cody Miller, Jun 3, 2012. 737 views. ID = 5698
This post was written in 16 minutes.

Thunder booms from afar I hear.
I hope that I indeed did mishear.
Something trickles on top the roof.
I feel like that I need some more proof.

I see outside the rain is falling.
As though the sky is now bawling.
The streets are overflowing with rain.
There's nothing I can do but let it remain

The rain sounds nice when I try to sleep.
Until I feel the thunder try to creep.
I cover my ears when the sky screams.
Until eventually I fall into a dream.

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