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Mount Olympus: This took some research!
Posted by alilee, May 20, 2012. 798 views. ID = 5655

Mount Olympus

Posted by alilee, May 20, 2012. 798 views. ID = 5655
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On mount Olympus on the summits glow
a palace in the mist appeared in sight
the ancient Gods of myths so long ago
appearing in my vision bathed in light

Zeus the ruler,supreme and lord of sky
rain and thunderbolts crashingfrom on high.

Poseidon, brother,lord of all the sea
created the horse, trident by his knee.

Hades, greedy ,lord of the underworld
increasing hordes of dead in flame unfurled.

Hestia virgin godess of the hearth
with altars lit in worship cross the earth.

Hera,wife to zeus and his sister too
married in strife ,her jealous rage to rue.

Ares son of Zeus and Hera his wife
A cowardly God of murderous strife.

Athena,sprang full grown from zeus's brow
wisdom and pure in heart,invented plow.

Apollo,god of music,golden lyre
chariot driving sun across the sky.

Aphrodite goddess,desire and love
catching her many lovers from above.

Hermes messenger with winged sandals
guide to the dead , god of thieving vandals.

Artemis, lady of the young and the wild
huntsman and kind protector of the child.

Hephaestus,god to the ugly and lame
kind and peaceful,his forging was his fame.

These twelve ,Gods and goddesses of times of yore
then vanished in the mountain mists above
leaving a feeling of terror and awe
olympian grandeur ,of hate and love.

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.
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