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water that surrounds: blitz poem
Posted by alilee, Apr 26, 2012. 1123 views. ID = 5579

water that surrounds

Posted by alilee, Apr 26, 2012. 1123 views. ID = 5579
This post was written in 26 minutes.

head over heels
head under water
water wheel turning
water stops burning
burning rubbish
burning fire
firelights glow
firefighters go
go girl go
go into the breach
breech baby born
breach the defences
defences of my heart
defences tearing me apart
apart from my love
a part of my life
life long friend
life without end
end of the line
end of all time
time ever after
time to go
go on and on
go boldly where
where on earth
where birds fly
fly so high
fly like a bird
birdsong bright
bird in the night
night so dark
night so starry
starry eyed
starry mystified
mystified magician
mystified by magic
magic in the world
magic in the mind
mindful people
mind their manners
manners maketh man
manners in our culture
culture vulture
culture creativity
creativity attracts
creativity surrounds
surrounds life
surrounds birth

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